Face Wash – Benefits & Uses for Men & Women

Face Wash – Benefits & Uses for Men & Women

It is a common notion that ‘men do not need face wash.' Men usually use a soap bar for face cleansing rather than opting for a professional face wash. However, the thin tender facial skin that is sensitive is not equipped to handle the harsh chemicals in a soap bar. At the same time, while the soap bar may work well for the body, you would require a professional face wash to clean the face. 

Among the other face wash benefits for men, one of the key benefits is that a face wash does not leave the face dry compared to a soap bar. There are several other face wash benefits and uses for men and women that should be understood. 

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Here is all you need to know about benefits of the best face wash for glowing skin in India, and its uses for men and women:

Can soap replace face wash?

Soap bars have a higher level of chemical formulations that are harsh on the skin as compared to face wash. While a soap bar can provide a cleaning experience by removing the dirt and oil particles from the face, it also takes away the natural moisture content of the skin leaving the skin drier. Experts also argue that continuous use of soap bars on the face can make the skin red and inflamed with reduced natural radiance. 

In short, it is not advisable to replace the face wash with a soap bar as there are several face wash benefits in retaining the natural glow and moisture of the skin.

Face Wash Benefits for Men & Women

Men usually have a rough skin texture and spend more time outdoors as compared to women. However, the use of a safe and gentle face cleanser is equally important for both men and women. Here are the key face wash benefits for men and women:

1. Cleansing experience

The use of face wash regularly should be a part of the CTM experience so that no dirt, pollutants or grime can cause damage to the skin. The face wash also helps remove excess sebum. Therefore, it is better to use face wash in the morning and night for a superior cleansing experience. 

2. Skin hydration

The use of face wash helps maintain the hydration level in the skin as compared to using a soap bar. The better the hydration level, the younger and bright the skin will be. The use of face wash helps maintain the right moisture level and natural pH levels.
You should note, that face wash also helps to remove oil too, and you can use our best face wash for oily skin in India for female (or male). 

3. Slows down premature ageing

Using a good-quality face wash plays an important role in slowing down premature ageing among users. Cleaning your face every day before going to bed can make your skin feel fresher and more hydrated.
Infused with anti-ageing ingredients, our best face wash in India help slow down ageing and look younger. 

4. Fights Acne

By choosing the proper face wash, you are giving your skin a fair chance to fight acne and prevent future breakouts. The skin is better equipped to fight acne by removing dirt, sweat, and grime from the face.

If you are looking for a face wash that can provide a deep cleaning experience and is easy on the skin, you can opt for Ashrein Cosmixx’s  best face wash for acne prone skin in India. Being the bestselling product from Ashrein Cosmixx, the face wash helps clean impurities and is the ideal daily face cleanser.

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